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Things returned on the basis of 2001. 29 June. Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 217 on the return and exchange approval of the rules.

Returned object must be fully completed. For complete its recruiting and packaging  responsible you. If the object is not fully completed and properly packed, we don‘t accept the item. Beautifying screens or touch screens (digitaizers), all of the protective film should not be peeled off and unable to be repeeled.

Items must be returned in the packaging in which it was delivered. The packaging must be intact, clean, properly prepared and packaged.

You are returning the goods with your transport.

When the returned defective product, we commit to take the product and replace it with a similar product. In the case where we do not have a similar product, we will refund you money.

If the above conditions are metSpare parts are given 3-month warranty, for all other goods given 12 months warranty.

 Good quality goods are not accepted.


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