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Selfie stick K9 Graceful mini wire control aluminum alloy rod with 7 extension knots total 65cm length for 6.5 inch mobile phones 3.5mm jack
1. Selfie stick made of ABS, PC with aluminum alloy telescopic rod, therefore it is durable and lightweight.
2. Extension length 65cm, so it is convenient to use in any conditions.
3. Mobile phone clip support mobile phones within 6.5 inches, certainly, most of most popular models can be compatible.
4. Made with 7 expansion joints, so you can adjust the length for best position.
5. Net weight is only 86.5g., thus travel now more easy and fun.
6. Since size is 143*26*28mm only, you can put it in your bag and use wherever you need.
7. Support mobile phone system Android, iOS for wide compatibility.
8. Finally, connection method is 3.5 interface wire control.

EAN: 6957531089438
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9.99 €
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